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  SOF PASUK                 




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A more comprehensive trope study program on computer is available.
A trope program on computer is available to print the musical notation you see above.
You probably remember your Bar/Bat Mitzvah. Locate a copy of the Hertz Chumash and you will find it there. We predict that with not too much study, using either Trope-lite or the full computer program it will come back to you. There is a wonderful tradition: When one reaches the age of 83 Jews celebrate the "Second Bar/Bat Mitzvah". The Bar/Bat Mitzvah is honored with the Maftir Aliyah and reads/sings the Maftir portion again. Why wait until you are 83? How about this year? When you reach the age of 83 you will not need to study again. You will know it already!

Here is how to get started:
Complete the Form below.
If you would like to receive one or two of the trope computer programs check the box(es).
If you do not remember the name of your Maftir portion we will help you determine it.
To establish the name of you Bar/Bat Mitzvah Maftir give us as many clues as possible.
If you remember the name of the Biblical Phrophetic section (Haftarah)that would be the best.
If you remember the name of the Torah portion read on that day that would be fine.
Else, give us your actual birthday (month, day, year). We will consult a Jewish calendar and look up the Torah portion read on the first Shabbat following your 13th birthday according to the Jewish calendar. That should have been the day of your Bar/Bat Mitzvah. We will tell you our results and hopefully you will corroborate.
Would it not be wonderful if Congregation Am Hayam had a tradition that EVERYBODY does the Maftir annually on their birthday? If you decide to proceed be sure to consult with the Rabbi at all stages.

Now complete the request form.

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